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The Global Summit 11 Barcelona
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The Global Summit 11 Barcelona

This year we won the bid for the event "The Global Summit 2011" of the consumer goods forum in Barcelona again. Our concept "Stripes and Slices" ran through all of the function rooms, reaching its pinnacle at the stage. 470 strips of different lengths were hung at different heights and shone with light and shadow effects. Guests enjoy to sit a while in the lounge with its exhilarant atmosphere. An extraordinary ambiance was created with blue satin strips in the Internet Corner. We introduced natural materials, raw wood surfaces and moss by way of contrast to the stripes and slices concept. The many bars and stands with matching colour accents presented a coherent and elegant appearance. The presentation of the venue "Istanbul" for 2012 was remarkable not only for the outstanding colour...

Location: Barcelona - Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona
Client: Bro Wien/CGF-Consumer Goods Forum

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