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The Global Summit 10 London
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The Global Summit 10 London

We won the competition for "The Global Summit 2010" in London. So we were intensive involved in this event for the last three month. We create the whole set design for "CGF-Consumer Goods Forum"- that means 3000m². It was important to have a lot of logo-presence. We wanted to show straight lines to connect all areas, which belong together. Inherently we placed a big bench in front of the building. It looked like the new logo of CGF. So the visitors were led to the registration desks. There the signages guided them to the third floor, were the event took place. The stage impressed because of its elegance and bigness. At the internet counter the visitors were able to retire. The lounge was elegant, gracile and relaxing. Also the coffee bars and all the seating-accommodation afforded a comfortable place to pause. At last we designed something special to present the venue 2011...

Location: London- The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
Client: Bro Wien/CGF-Consumer Goods Forum

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